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Monday, October 31, 2005

No drinking on public transport proposals

Can't drink, can't smoke, what can you do?

With apologies to
Adam Ant's top song Goody Two Shoes - looks like the "Nanny State" is at it again with various people (including the opposition and RMT's Bob Crow) getting up in arms over Tony Blair's proposal to ban alcohol from public transport.

No Drinking on public transport proposal - Sunday Times 30th October

The Sunday Times wrote: "The Government was in retreat last night over proposals for a blanket ban on drinking on all forms of public transport. Amid protests that it was indulging in 'nanny state politics', ministers said that there was no intention of stopping people on trains having drinks with their meals in restaurant cars and that any action taken would be 'proportionate'.

Excellent cartoon from The Sunday TimesHowever, The Times has been told that action against yobbish and drunken behaviour on public transport is under serious consideration after a brainstorming session at Chequers last month of plans for Tony Blair's 'respect agenda'.

Pressure by the British Transport Police for measures to stop people who have already been drinking carrying large amounts of alcohol on to buses and trains is likely to be answered by the Government with new powers, ministers said."

There's a huge amount of double standards going on here, as one minute licensing hours are being extended (which will have a big effect on railway pubs) and then we're told we can't drink on public transport.

There was also an interesting feature in Friday's Evening Standard about Londoners' leisure patterns and how what you did to have fun and interestingly, how you then got home, was effected by what part of London you lived in.

According to a survey carried out by lastminute.com, half of North Londoners admitted to drinking until they fell down and worryingly, they then went home by Tube. East Londoners were also most likely to go home by Tube, although only drank 2-3 units of alcohol. South Londoners were also light drinkers with 2-3 units but then they would go home in a mini cab. West Londoners drank higher levels of alcohol 5-7 units, but then walked home.

Admittedly a lot of this is do with how much public transport there is in your area and shows that the Tube system doesn't operate that brilliantly in South London. Generally when getting home, 52% used the Tube, 31% mini cab and just 2% drove. Six out of 10 believed that alcohol was essential for a good night out.

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