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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sudoku in Metro ....arrrggghhhh

The last bastion of safety has fallen

I spose now just about every paper carries one of those Sudoku puzzles and now Metro has joined in, and the worst thing is I actually started doing it this morning.

I've been banging on about
how many people I see doing Sudoku puzzles on the London Underground and how I can't see the appeal.

However a month or so ago I secretly did an Evening Standard difficult one (well a little bit of it) and was quite pleased with myself as it was the first one I'd ever attempted.

But now, despite the fact they had loads of letters of complaint when they dropped their daily crossword, Metro have started Sudoku yesterday

I attempted the one above this morning on the way in, and was almost going to write into them because I was convinced they had got some wrong (and that's me being a Sudoku virgin). However, after getting to the office, one of my colleagues put me right and by just getting one number wrong I had cocked up so much of the rest of the puzzle I didn't stand a chance of finishing it correctly. D'OH, D'OH, D'OH. Anyway, I still maintain I have better things to do with my time than follow all the other commuters who do Sudoku and shame on Metro for succumbing to such an addictive trend!

Answers to today's challenge are here.

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