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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tube Fashion Week (or maybe day)

London Underground Fashion Victims

Well as promised
yesterday, here is a small selection of passengers I saw on the Tube yesterday making some "great" fashion statements. Obviously one person's meat is another person's poison and I do have a particular dislike of some current trends as you will see below. However, I was surprised of how many I saw in such a short period of time. I may get my friend who is more into "up-to-date" fashionista and stuff to make some comments so you have a comparison, but feel free to make comments anyway.

Torn Jeans and Twiggy Trousers

This was going into work yesterday morning on the Drain (Waterloo and City Line) and I like that they were sitting next to each other too.

Torn Jeans and Twiggy Trousers

The torn jeans look, when exactly did that go out? Well I know the torn look is still in, but to that extent? It also doesn't come across in the photo that well, but the particularly large rips were held together by safety pins (an echo of Punk days perhaps, how very noughties).

Now the lady sitting next to him wearing a particular horror for me. Three quarter length winter tweed trousers, or what I like to call "Twiggy Trousers". Why? Well Sixties icon and one of the first supermodels, Twiggy has kind of revamped Marks & Spencer by becoming one of their new faces in current ad campaign for the store.

"Analysts say that the lavish pre-Christmas television and poster campaign, which also features models Erin O'Connor, Laura Bailey and Noemie Lenoir, has given M&S clothing a buzz that has been missing for years. Items of clothing worn by the models in the advertisements, such as 56-year-old icon Twiggy's cardigan, are said to have been flying out of stores."

I'm sure she would also wear these three quarter length winter trousers - hence the name Twiggy Trousers. I like summer three quarter length trousers but think the winter ones look pretty awful.

Metallic bag and similar jacket

Again I have a personal horror with metallic bags, but loads of women are using them now and not just followers of celebrity chavs Jade Goody and Victoria Beckham. Liz McDonald on Coronation Street had a particuarly great example of one the other night and that was the nail in the coffin for me.

Anyway, I'm loving how the woman below has a jacket that almost but not quite goes with the bag. It has that shiny silvery fish fin sheen about it that she may have thought would work with the bag.

Metallic Bag Woman

So good I had to take another picture trying to zoom in on the fabric more:

Metallic Bag Woman Close Up

Wristband lover or Falconer on day off?

I can take those rubber wristbands on blokes but if they get any bigger, I do think "Have you just walked out of an interview to be a falconer?"


What makes this example particularly abhorrent is the very normal striped shirt and chinos he had on with it. If you're going to wear a wristband that large I would have expected more of a "Boy Band" look about the rest of him.

Prince Harry meets GAP

Onto the DLR itself and I sat opposite a pale ginger bloke who looked remarkably like Royal Redhead Prince Harry.

Prince Harry meets GAP

I feel he's gone just a bit too much down that GAP studenty look though. It's pale and interesting. It's we're really always so bored. It almost works.

Badges on Bags

Again I really feel I'm too old to see the appeal of this button badges on bag look, which was at "Prince Harry's" feet.

Harry's Badges on Bag

My friend who I'm going to ask to take a look at this post has a Pete Doherty button badge on her bag. But she is about five years younger than me.

Trainer Trouser Combo

This is a common look on the Waterloo & City Line and I was glad I spotted one going home. Woman in very smart tailored trousers with comfy but expensive looking trainers.

Trainer Smart Trouser Combo

Now it could be that they are carrying smart shoes in their bags and they just change in the office, or perhaps they leave them on all day (if so, yuck).

Big Bag Little Lady

Last picture from the Waterloo & City Line a small woman sporting a very large everyday bag

Big Bag, Little Lady

I'm all for large bags but I think this one is just a tad too big for her. All in all it was the least "fashion victim" look for me.

Well that's it for now. More may follow later in the week. Right where's my copy of Grazia.

UPDATE - Kris sent me this link to someone selling a fashion mistake on ebay - it is hysterical and particularly apporopriate as over the weekend I spotted a person on the tube wearing a particularly foul version of the mistakes in question and that will be blogged some time w/c 17th October.

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