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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where to find love on the London Underground

"Love" on the Lines

I must thank
Rob from Londonist (don't forget the open invitation to their first birthday party - see ad on the top right) for sending me a link to a great press release that was issued yesterday by snoglondon.

Lovelines - New Dating site for commuters"Looking for love? Wondering which route home to take tonight to maximise your chances of meeting that foxy single whose eye you might just catch? SnogLondon, the coolest site for London singles, has surveyed over 5,000 singles to give the Tube map a whole new meaning - we've mapped it out for love!

Which lines to take, which to avoid
The Northern line, despite its reputation as one of the most unreliable, oldest & dingiest lines, has the greatest share of singles across the entire Tube network (a whopping 28%). So there is light at the end of the tunnel - you might be stuck between stations every morning, but you'll be in good (single!) company.

Steer clear of the Metropolitan line, which, with a meagre 4% share of the singles network, is a veritable wilderness for singles.

Guys, make a dash for the Bakerloo line which has the highest ratio of single women to men. Get your coat, you might pull.
Girls, ride the East London line to avoid the competition - fewer women and more men mean you're in single heaven.
Tube, bus & train travel is one of the favourite flirting grounds among Londoners, with an almost unanimous 100% saying a bit of flattering attention can set them up for the rest of the day... so don't be shy about cracking a smile... just try not to leer, and boys, keep it above chest level...

Snog London Tube Ad

The press release (click for even more stats) is about 1,001 times better than the website (which I found fairly difficult to navigate - and I use the net a lot).

When I'd eventually worked out how to find people from my nearest tube - Richmond I found that I could get a free month's trial if I emailed them a better picture of the station (nice idea) - so you can see how they are really trying to build up the community aspect of the site. As LoveLines has only just launched, I'm sure you will soon see many more pictures of the actual stations on the site and many more singles!

isawyoutoday.com - re-uniting star crossed commutersIsawyoutoday.com

I'll still use this as an opportunity to give another plug for Isawyoutoday.com.

I blogged the site in passing September, linking it to my pet subject of James Blunt's single You're Beautiful - about passing someone on a crowded subway and sharing a bit of a "moment" with them, thinking "They're beautiful" or "They're hot" and realising that you will never see them again. (Please regular commenters no more on James Blunt - 43 comments in one throwaway post - I understand that the more vocal of you don't like his single - even though the awards and record sales show otherwise).

Anyway, this is where isawyoutoday.com can help, as it attempts to reunite or get star crossed commuters together. You can leave a message to that unknown person you saw on the District Line or Misery Line in the hope that they may have had the same idea and left a similar message about you, or at least read the site and think - "cool I can now get in touch with that hot chick/guy".

Isawyoutoday.com has actually been going for years (since 2002 - I think - when I added it to my main site), so consequently loads of people who have left messages. It's a cracking site and you never know you might meet Vicky on the Victoria Line or your Josephine at Waterloo!

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