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Monday, November 07, 2005

Jodie Marsh on the London Underground

Chicken celebrities on the Central Line?

Err Jodie Marsh on the Central Line protesting about chickens? How many things are WRONG in that sentence? Well endowed,
Jodie Marsh - also not safe for some offices (voted eighth in The Top 10 Most Pointless Celebrities) is apparently joining a number of other "celebrities" who will be riding up and down the Central Line on the Tube today protesting about chickens.


It's early while I'm posting this and (not surprisingly) I can't find anything on the Net at the moment to confirm this. But I think it's something to do about the rubbish diet that some children are eating in schools - ie Chicken Nuggets or Twizzlers (more Nanny State and sad celebs "Islington's favourite semi-literate entrepreneur Jamie Oliver" preaching about what we should or shouldn't eat) - or it could be to do with the way chickens are farmed. Currently I have no idea and I'm waiting for this story to come up on HeartFM's news again so that I can prove I wasn't hearing things!

UPDATE 3.40pm - It's true Jodie Marsh in a Chicken suit on the Tube

So finally I've managed to find something to confirm that buxom Jodie Marsh was travelling on the Central Line this lunchtime to promote the fact that she is not a nugget: Ethical treatment of animals campaigning charity Peta's press release snappily titled "Veggie Vixen Will Make Eye Contact With and Even Talk to Tube Passengers About Going Vegetarian" (I'm loving Even Talk to Tube passengers) says

"she dons a sexy "chickette" costume to unveil the start of a massive new vegetarian ad campaign that is set to kick off on the Underground during the month of November

......."I Am Not a Nugget", announces a defiant chicken in the colourful ad, which warns commuters that "Every year, millions of chickens suffer terribly before being slaughtered" and encourages them to visit PETA's Web site PETA.org.uk for more "nuggets" of information about chickens. People who e-mail an animated version of the ad to their friends will be entered in a drawing to win an iPod nano. After unveiling the ad, Marsh will hop on the Central Line at Oxford Street and travel to Liverpool Street Station, showing tube passengers shocking video footage of chickens in factory farms on a body screen TV and talk to them about going vegetarian."

Thank the Lord, I was not on the Central Line at lunchtime today, the idea of Jodie Marsh in a chicken costume talking about becoming a vegetarian would have been too much for me to bear. Specially when she comes out with hysterical stuff like this:

"I don't eat any animals - I could never eat a dog, and I don't see how a chicken, a cow, a sheep, a pig or anything else is any different because all animals have a mind and a personality", says Marsh. "It's so easy to be vegetarian. Everywhere you go, every shop you go in, every restaurant you go in has vegetarian food."

I can hardly type this I am laughing and spluttering so much! Sorry guys great cause, but why pick Jodie Marsh as your spokesperson? She's no Stella McCartney, is she?

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