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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Madonna on the Tube

Where was
Madonna's Hung Up shot on the London Underground?

Every so often Londonist do an interesting feature where they take a music video shot in London and people have to try to guess where it's from. This time is from the video to Madonna's latest single Hung Up (listen to a snippet here):

"the video opens, and kids in the greater Los Angeles area, are vexed by the heat of the sun, futilely dancing in front of a bus stop. Clearly, a change of scene is required. So they get in a taxicab, and... SHAZZAM! The taxicab they were in has magically transformed itself into a London Black Cab, and has magically crossed all of North America and the Atlantic Ocean, and they are in London! And they get out of the cab and are all lookin' around acting confused, saying to themselves "Holy shit! We just took a cab from LA to London!"

"Then the kids from LA, presumably having spent all of their money on their intercontinental cab ride, are forced to take the tube. We see an establishing shot of a nondescript rail bridge:

"And then we see a phenomenon that will be all too familiar to every Londoner: the sassy dance-off on the tube. We've lost count of the times that rival gangs of urban youth on the tube train attempt to top each other with their funky moves, only to be put in their place by an even funkier zaftig woman in sequins. Note that the LED display announcing the next stop has been turned off, and all the ads have been removed. The upholstery and layout clearly identifies this as a Jubbly line train of the 1996 type (notice the "perch seats"), but how did they get the yellow handrails replaced with chrome ones?

From Londonist - Madonna's Hung Up Video

"This raises interesting questions about where exactly the underground dance-party that they are travelling towards actually is. Could it be in some undiscovered back-alley in Canary Wharf? Or are they headed north, towards some unexpectedly debauched corner of Neasden, perhaps?"

Excellent post Londonist boys and girls. Any idea on their theories about the London Underground carriage and where they might be headed, in the usual comments below. Also looking forward to joining the Londonistas at their first birthday party on Thursday - all are very welcome.

UPDATE - We know where the video was filmed

After a number of posts on the tubechallenge forum it appears that those that know, know that the following about where it was filmed:

"the video was filmed on a Jubilee line train between Charing Cross and West Hampstead and back. There is a page on the LU intranet that details any filming that has taken place, and Hung Up is mentioned here." Says Alansslonep.

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