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Monday, November 21, 2005

Name this train type - answer and finalists

The answer's in the blog

Friday's competiton posed by Neil was a good experiment to see how far back people read the blog - and not very far seems to be the general answer.

Neil asked which type of train ie which rolling stock was used for the ad for the well known mobile phone company below. People may recognise that it looks remarkably similar to the carriage that was used in the Madonna Hung Up video which both me and Londonist did a blog post about a mere couple of weeks ago.

If you had whizzed back to that post - November 2nd where we were also trying to guess where it was shot, you'll see that the answer was in the updated post.

"the video was filmed on a Jubilee line train between Charing Cross and West Hampstead and back. There is a page on the LU intranet that details any filming that has taken place, and Hung Up is mentioned here." Says Alansslonep."

and in the comments SK gave the most complete answer on the 3rd November. "I've just compared this picture from the video, with pictures of other tube stock, and it is absolutely 100% definately a Jubilee Line 96TS. The handrails, the roof, and the bulkhead are different on the Piccadilly's 73TS, and the Northern's 95TS has tip up seats instead of perch seats as well as different seat moquette."

So getting back to this Friday's competition - I almost thought that Jag had given the game away when he even mentioned Londonist's competition and wondering if it was the same stock but fortunately my "maybe it is, maybe it isn't" reply put some of you off the scent!

Anyway the correct answer to Friday's quiz is Jubilee Line 1996 or Jubilee Line 96TS is you want to be really precise or even 1996 would have done as only the Jubilee Line put out new stock in 1996.

So the finalists one of whom will be selected from a hat later today are:


Anyone who guessed "new" or 2005 Jubilee Line stock isn't eligible as they've not even been released yet and rolled into the depot at Stratford on the 2nd November, way after both the Madonna video and the ad for Orange were shot. (Jesus - just how geeky can I be for first thing on a Monday morning in the freezing cold?)

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