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Friday, November 04, 2005

Tube Fashion Victims Week 4

London Underground Victims of Fashion

Well there is a definite chill in the air now that it's November and this week I'll be focussing on women's winter legs.

I am purist when it comes to winter tights. Black opaque tights or black tights with a slight sheen and that is it. It does not matter what colour skirt I am wearing, if I wear tights in the winter they are black.

So what do we think of the ladies' legwear below, refreshing or just messing?

The Blue Yeti Look

Words fail me with these furry boots, specially when they are teamed with the stripy pyjama bottoms. But then again, what else could you possibly team boots like that with?

Blue Yeti Look

My Eyes, My Eyes

There's yellow tights and then there's YELLOW tights. I'm loving the way they even reflect as brightly in the metal walls of the escalator


The Brown Yeti Look

Well I can't moan about the tights but what in heavens name is she wearing on her feet? Answers on a postcard, please or failing that in the comments below


I'm going to miss the cutting edge fashion of Shadwell DLR.

Stripey Happy People
Just how many opposing stripes is it possible to wear on your legs and feet? I spose she's tried to temper it down or break it up by wearing the Fame style legwarmers. But it just doesn't work for me.

Not exactly wild about her mate's jeans with the red stripe and number 8 at the bottom of them.


Purple Diagonals

I'm cheating with this as it wasn't on the London Underground but on SWT instead. But I am loving the colours and hideous diagonals on these tights, specially when you look at what else she was wearing. One can only assume she got dressed in the dark.


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