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Friday, November 25, 2005

Tube Fashion Victims Week 6

London Underground Fashion victims are back with a vengence

Yay, it's Friday, yay, I'm back in the UK (loving the freezing temperatures after sunny CA, let's see what "frost on the line" excuses the Tube have as it's bound to have caught them by surprise - unless they are using the railway's magic de-icers). So it's time to spot this week's people on the London Underground or rail in London who are victims to fash-e-on. The pictures were taken over the last two to three weeks as we missed a week while I was away.

Let's start with some people who are trying to brave the elements. Remember faces are blurred or not shown to protect the victims' identities.

Arctic conditions

This man is clearly expecting this weekend's predicted snow, with his thin jacket being countered with some headgear that Sherpa Tensing would be proud of.

Arctic Conditions

Also loving the perspective on this picture, as he kindly emphasised the thickness of the hat for me

Arctic Conditions 2

Red, red and more red

I sort of think this woman has a gone a bit over the top in the red colour co-ordination. I know it must be hard being "a Ginger" (apologies to Anthony, Mags and Liz and any other ging'ers, whether natural or by design!!!) It must be difficult finding colours that go with your brilliant Titian hair. But do you really think that you would wear boots, a handbag, shawl and remarkably strange shorts to match your hair colour?

Red, red, red and more red

Tooo much colour matching here!

Casual Smart - Combat and Court shoes

Not sure why this woman decided to mix the causual combat skirt and track suit top with the pointy purple kitten heeled shoes and the diamond etched black opaque tights. It's too completely different looks if you cut her in two (from the calves down!)

Combat Skirt and smart shoes

BTW is it me, or hasn't this woman got large hands compared to the rest of her body?

Sandals and socks

I don't care how cold the weather is. Sandals and socks are soooooo, soooooo, wrong!

Sandals and Socks

UPDATE - You might want to check out the tights of the red shoed woman sitting next to him - unfortunately the picture was really blurry as I was so disturbed by shoe and sock man than I only saw red shoed woman's hideous two toned tights as I was about to get off the tube. Hence the rubbish picture.

click to see more of red shoes woman's tights

Designer Sleeves

Two pictures now to illustrate when going designer works and when it doesn't. I love this woman's pointed sleeves on her camel coloured coat, it's a nice design detail that is slightly pantomimish, but I think it works really well

Designer Sleeve

Whereas this designer look doesn't:

Designer Sleeve 2

The guy wearing this was also wearing sunglasses! (Sunglasses? On the Underground? At night? In November? - I think you see where I'm coming from) A true fashion victim who looks as though he's leaned against some of Banksy's more rubbish graffiti!

However, I know this jacket with words on it, is not as remotely bad as this number, spotted a fair while back:

Vile Offwhite Jacket

Nothing can top that and I'm still laughing at Mags' brilliant comment at the time: "Off White jacket - I have no words. Unless someone with some black paint stood behind him on the Tube and painted it on..."

Lou One

And finally. Major echoes of Little Britain going on here. We have the great chav fashion as often demonstrated by Vicky Pollard - the high pony tail, the hideous chavvy belt and the great tracksuit top/hoodie with, possibly her name, "Lou", on the back:

Lou One

Chavtastic - "Yeah I know" as Lou's mate, Andy might say!

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