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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Metro's Midweek Moment & Great Customer Service

Top examples of customer service

Not a tube related story but I was on the London Underground when I read it in Metro so it counts. A woman got a letter back from Tesco's after she had been complaining that her favourite brand of chocolate was no longer stocked.

Part of the letter said: "We have come to the conclusion that you and a select few have an astonishingly bad taste in chocolate and Tesco is not prepared to accommodate the less sophisticated market. We suggest you try Sainsbury's as their food is especially bland and may satisfy your plain palette (sic)"

Obviously the letter was someone larking about in customer service and it mistakenly got sent.

The woman Margaret Cooper was up in arms about this and said "I couldn't believe it when I got this letter, it came as a real shock. If it was signed 'Mrs S Upyours' I would have thought it was a joke but there is a Mrs S Upton at the store." More on this in
The Mirror.

I love this and I bet there are countless times that people who work in customer service would like to send such an honest answer back to their customers.

London Underground Refund Letter

Which reminds me, one my new colleagues at work knows that I blog about the London Underground and he showed me a letter that London Underground had sent to him with a refund for something or other. The letter said here is your refund and apologised and was sent first class. The cheque inside was for the grand total of 30p. Fantastic, how much must it have cost them to adminster a cheque for 30p? Why not round it up to something worthwhile?

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