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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Toothing on the Trains?

First Dogging now Toothing for Train and Tube Commuters?

Thanks to Station Supervisor, The Great Orme of
London Underground Life I came across a story about a "craze" that is supposedly taking over the UK, in an attempt to make life spicy for commuters!

"Bored UK commuters are arranging impromtu rumpy-pumpy via their Bluetooth phones and PDAs. The new craze - known as "Toothing" and certain to displace dogging as the sexual flavour of the month - began on a London commute when a flirtatious bluejacking escalated into a meeting in the railway toilets.

According to a report on Reuters the first toother was a chap called Jon, who also goes by the exceedingly clever handle "Toothy Toothing". He says that he was flirting with a fellow commuter via Bluetooth for a couple of days on his normal train journey. Eventually, she suggested nipping into the lav for a quickie, and toothing was born

"Bizarre as this sounds, Jon estimates that there are thousands (yes, thousands) of toothers on trains in the UK. The message boards on his site are certainly busy."

Mmmm. This whole thing sounded remarkably dodgy to me and with a bit of digging around I found out that it was all a hoax:

"Dozens of news organizations, including Wired News, (and the Daily Mirror - see the end of their article - "Websites have sprung up dedicated the craze, including some devoted to using it to hook up with strangers for no-strings sex.") were duped by pranksters claiming to be practitioners of "toothing," in which strangers in the U.K. were meeting up on commuter trains for clandestine sexual encounters. The liaisons were supposedly organized through messages broadcast via Bluetooth phones and handhelds. However, one of those involved now says the story was an elaborate hoax. After first creating an online forum, the pranksters persuaded friends to fill the site with scores of salacious, but fictitious, stories."

Check out Wired for the full story.

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