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Monday, January 30, 2006

Derailed Competition Answers

Derailed Poster Ad at Green Park London UndergroundSubway Flirting Film Answers

Well done to everyone who entered the Derailed Quiz. The answers which could have been found by Googling or Yahooing or whatever are below:

1. When I first saw this poster I thought that the platform scene behind Clive Owen was the London Underground. With a little investigation I discovered that it wasn't. So, give the name of one other film that includes a fair amount of footage from the public transport system where Derailed is based?

Absolutely loads of films that were on Chicago's subway could have been given here. Including: Risky Business, Mercury Rising, While You Were Sleeping, The Fugitive, On the Line, Next of Kin, The Blues Brothers, High Fidelity, Spider-Man 2, Running Scared, About Last Night, Midnight Run, Code of Silence, Above the Law, Ocean's Eleven, Adventures in Babysitting, Flatliners, Excessive Force, Rapid Fire, and Medium Cool.

2. Both the transport system and the city where Derailed is based have nicknames. Please give the nickname of one or the other.

Pop along to the great Chicago Subway site and you'd find the answers to the subway part of this. I would have accepted The L, The Ell or The Big L. And a nickname for Chicago was an alternative answer - as usual Wikipedia had tons for you to choose even if you didn't know the fairly well known Windy City - there's also City of the Big Shoulders and Hog Butcher to the World.

Jack's Subway Tush3. Jennifer Aniston starred in Friends based in New York, as far as I know none of its episodes featured the New York Metro. However, Will & Grace another popular New York sitcom had at least two episodes that featured New York's underground system. Name one of the Will & Grace episodes that did or describe the episode if you don't know the actual name.

FYI I Hurt Too - the one with Jennifer Lopez
My Best Friend's Tush - I even blogged this a while back

4. Speaking of popular US sitcoms, Homer Simpson travels everywhere by car. Name one of the two things he believes people who use public transport are.

Jerks or Lesbians "public transportation is for jerks and lesbians".

Blogged here

5. The tie breaker. If the railway scence in the poster was from the London Underground and if the film was based on the Tube, what do you think the troubled looking Jennifer Aniston is thinking in the poster?

I haven't worked out who had exactly had the most points yet and I haven't judged the final tie-breaker answer yet, so you'll have to come back later tonight to see who the winner is.

But the following are in running to win that One Stop Short of Barking 2006 Calendar:

And the points scored for 1-4 are as follows

John Mac - 8 points (bonus points for being first to guess)
Pete - 7 points
IanD - 8 points
Robert John Kaper - 6 points
Dave Alexander - 7 points
Andrew - 8 points
alto2 - 8 points
Jamesthegill - 8 points

So I have to judge between John Mac, IanD, Andrew, alto2 and Jamesthegill for the best answer to number five - the tie breaker.

And the winner is.................................................

John Mac who thinks Jennifer Aniston would have been saying the following if she had been on the Tube "This dirty-old-man-rain-mac was a big mistake. I hope I don't end up on Annie's round up of fashion victims on the tube".

I'll be in touch for your address details John Mac and will get the Calendar sent directly to your address. Well done!

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