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Friday, January 13, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Here's my regular weekly look at people spotted on the London Underground who could be considered slaves to fashion. Or to quote Louis Walsh on X Factor - they took this fashion and "made it their own".

This week we focus on the below the knee area and look at boots, "leggings" and socks!

Novelty Socks

What's the bets that the guy below got given these socks for Xmas? I bet both he and the person wearing them thought it was "wacky" to wear some socks that were so clearly labelled "socks"

Novelty Sock Man on the London Underground

To me there are novelty socks and novelty SOCKS. Quite subtle ones where the novelty is quite high up the sock and only the wearer knows about them. It's like having a private joke with yourself. The latter novelty SOCKS are ones where you feel you have to tell the world what a wit you are! Which to me slightly defeats the object. But that's just me.

Boots and Jeans Dilemma

Boots and Jeans Dilemma

Clearly a case where the back of her jeans have ridden up while she was sitting on the Tube, leading to this "rather attractive" half in half out look. Most people know my thoughts on this Ugg style boots too. Ugg by name, Ugly by nature.

WTF are those leggings, pantaloons, trousers?

Initially I noticed the woman with the very pointy red "F**K Me Boots", but then I was more captivated by the lady on the right of the picture.

Pointy Red Boots and Bizarre 'Trousers'

I'm sort of lost for words of how to describe these "trousers" apart from to say they are truly bizarre. Perhaps you can help me out here?

The last entry for the London Underground fashion victims and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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