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Friday, January 27, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Here's my regular weekly look at people spotted on the London Underground who could be considered slaves to fashion. People who have taken a fashion or a trend that's around right now and made it their own regardless as to whether it suits them or not. Also people who seem to be a little .... err eccentric in their fashion tastes.

Metallic Bag

We still have the classic metallic look still in favour. Here's a particularly chunky example of the specimen. Please, no more of these things. Laydeez they are soooooooo over!

Chunky Metallic Bag

Tube Sombrero

Tube Sombrero

Fortunately I don't think this guy was going to be wearing this Mexican influence headwear. Although if he had it would have been amazing, as he had that great Sideshow Bob big curly hairstyle and his hat would have just balanced on the top of his hair. I love the way he is sitting in the classic "Bloke on the Tube" legs wide apart way though. Obviously taking advantage of having some space in the new District Line carriages.

Haven't you forgotten something?

Can you see what the lady below has forgotten to do?

Label left on boots

Well the picture is a bit blurry because everyone including me was moving so quickly, but the lady tottering along in front of me in very spindly high heels, seemed to spend so much time learning to walk in her boots that she forgot to do something with them. I'm sure the eagle eyed amongst you can see what it was. Plus the ALT tag on the image is a big giveaway!

Buttoned Tiwggy Trousers

The lady below doesn't look too bad in the buttoned Twiggy Trousers, specially as has her legs crossed. These cropped tailored trousers favoured by sixties model Twiggy in the great M & S campaign which revived their sales, (see the TV ad on Twiggy's site) were actually beginning to grow on me:

Buttoned Twiggy Trousers 1

Well that was until I saw with her legs uncrossed.

Buttoned Twiggy Trousers 2

I think Twiggy Trousers only work if you are relatively tall and have thin legs. With her legs uncrossed the trousers just emphasised how short she was and had fairly chunky thighs. If you're too short, Twiggy trousers can give women that Jimmy Krankie look!

Feet on Seats

This man obviously loved his shoes so much he decided to put them on the seat so that everyone could see how wonderful they were!

Feet on seats

Loving the tattered jeans look too......Not!

And the glare from his shoes meant that he obviously hadn't seen signs like these

Please keep feet off seats Tube sign

That's it for this week. The previous entry for London Underground fashion victims is here and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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