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Monday, January 23, 2006

Pub bans Tube Strike leader Bob Crow (plus my photos of another blubbery object in the News)

London Underground Strike Union leader banned from pub

Pub Bans Tube Strike Boss - Evening Standard

Coming home on Friday night, I was reading the following over the shoulder of the person next to me. "Tube union chief Bob Crow has been barred from his local pub after a four hours drinking session during which his friends insulted customers and threatened staff".

Fantastic! I know the Standard have a massive anti-Crow and union bashing campaign on the moment (a bucket of water was thrown over one of their journalists by the driver who caused the wildcat Northern Line strikes), but can you blame the Standard with a great story like this? Apparently Crow and up to 14 RMT union members "took part in a foul mouthed session at a gastropub near Euston station. They sang rowdy songs, swore at customers,insulted female staff and threatened the landlord, only leaving when the police were called. One onlooker said 'Crow did nothing to stop it. He didn't tell them to calm down and yet he's supposed to be a leader who sets an example'"

Bob Crow has actually admitted to the ban. He said "Unfortunately, the new management took exception to our singing of seasonal songs".

According to one of the customers it was a bit more than seasonal "They were bothering customers with sexist and vulgar language - every other word was the 'c'word". When they were asked to leave by two women, one of the men wouldn't let go of his pint "The owners were called c's by this man while the others looked on laughing and tormenting these girls". A member of the pub's staff said "They got drunk and they insulted the staff. They think it's funny because we are girls. We have banned some, including Bob Crow".

Well it looks like the stranded Thames whale wasn't the only large blubbery thing that people were trying to get out of London!

Whale Swims into London - The Sun headlines

On Saturday afternoon, me, Neil and Mecca went over to see the whale being rescued and lifted by crane from Battersea.

Whale being lifted at Battersea London

Well how often can you say you've do seen something like that. It was sad to see that the poor creature died on the way to Kent. Poor thing. My complete flickr set of the Thames whale rescue is here and Mecca's blog has a commentary on watching the whale being lifted at Battersea.

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