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Thursday, January 19, 2006

RMT may be striking with ASLEF Tube Drivers

RMT join one of ASLEF's causes and ballot for a strike

Tube Strike Front Page of Evening Standard

I'm really pleased that Bob Crow did manage to work out what the hell ASLEF were talking about in their press release on strikes, or perhaps he's just in favour of some of their members striking of the dismissal of their speeding driver - I spose it doesn't matter at the end of the day as he's decided to become all pally with ASLEF.

In a massive case of the pot calling the kettle black, he says this about the London Underground and their implementation of new procedures:

"Maybe they think there will be a management shake-up following the appointment of the new commissioner, but they are running wild, trying to out-militant each other and our members have run out of patience.

"The ballot will run on the same timetable as Aslef's, closing on February 9, and we will co-ordinate action with Aslef if management do not meanwhile withdraw imposed procedures and observe existing agreements.

"No doubt we will once more be accused of disruption but, as with the station-staff dispute, the blame once again lies squarely with management trying to impose rather than negotiate

Errr no, I think the blame lies firmly with you having a bit of a "strike" fever the moment and throwing a strop because not a lot of people were actually inconveienced by your last strikes - mainly cos all the station staff thought the strike was over nothing and were running out of patience with you deserting them to go off on holiday to Eygpt in the middle of it all. Phew (I think that just about sums it up). Check out the RMT's site and now LU have responded with a "there is no justification for this ballot" statement. It is becoming more and more like a soap opera so watch this space for the latest instalments. See thisislocallondon on this too.

17th January 2006 - London Underground implement the "hated" staff rosters with no changes

So you, like me, will now be asking - "What in god's name was the point of the Tube strikes we had in January and on New Year's Eve?", as today London Underground (LU) have announced that the staffing rosters behind the shorter working week will be going ahead as planned.

Tim O'Toole LU's Managing Director said "The agreement that will be implemented is exactly the same as it was before the RMT strike action. The only purpose the strikes served was to inconvenience Londoners.

"This deal is a fair deal and ensures safe staffing levels at all London Underground stations. There will be no job cuts and no extra cost to farepayers. The new staff rosters will now be implemented at all 44 London Underground station groups on February 5."

However, what this press release neglected to say was meanwhile back at the RMT Bob Crow is finding something else to moan about: "More than 4,000 RMT Tube station staff members are to vote on a new proposal aimed at settling the dispute over safe staffing levels at London Underground stations."

Bob Crow said "The proposed agreement includes provision for the safety validation, involving RMT reps, of rosters for those station groups yet to be agreed."

Err I think this means that 4 out of 44 station groups still weren't happy with things.

He continued "In the event of our members rejecting the proposal, industrial action will be stepped up, and the ballot of our other LUL members for action short of strike, arising from safety breaches on the two recent strike days, will therefore continue, with the result also due on January 27."

Err I think this means, if most people think this is a fooking waste of time and don't vote to support 4 out of 44 station groups that he'll still get the RMT to vote on "safety breaches" that apparently were made when LU allowed certain stations to be opened on the strike days.

So it's a no win situation with Mr Crow as he seems determined to get his members to go on strike about something. Perhaps he will make sure the next strike action coincides with some of England's games in the FIFA world cup, so his members can get a day at home, and we can use it as an excuse to watch some footie too!

As usual comments more than welcome below and we also have our first RMT rep and active member commenting too!

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