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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Signs on the London Underground

The most dangerous door on the Tube

Well I think I've found one of the scariest doors on the London Underground

Most Dangerous Door on the London Underground

You really would enter that door at your own peril and the London Underground seem to be doing all they can to prevent you from trying to get into it.

I wonder what secrets it holds?

Speaking of signs, Dave from Funky Pancake emailed me over the weekend as he thinks he may have found the source of all the No Sitting, No Waiting, No Talking and No Eye Contact signs you may have seen on the Tube - which incidentally must be confusing the hell out of tourists.

No Sitting London Underground Sign

No Eye contact London Underground sign

No Talking Sign

He said: "Remember ages ago I caught a photo of a 'no eye contact' sign on a Tube train ? Well, I spotted someone linked to it in my webstats and it revealed this website:
and if you look here ..... www.thenofoundation.com/project1.htm

Maybe you were aware of this already, but it looks like this might be the source of those signs!

I'm not actually sure if it is the source as they have used one of the pictures of No Talking that my friend from isthisyou definitely took, but who knows. Perhaps it is. Has anyone else seen any of these signs on the Tube? Or any weird signs in general?

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