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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Star Trek Tube Tour

Great tenuous links to Star Trek make for an interesting London Underground Tour

Some time ago Geoff blogged the Star Trek Tube Tour, which personally to me, looked as though someone had knocked up in half an hour, as it included three Tube stations with "Star Trek Links", I hardly thought it really constituted a tour. As you know I'm not too backwards in coming forwards, I happened to mention that in an update of
the post, and I thought no more about it.

Then about six months later, I came across the site again, as the creator of the tour had seen my comments, taken them to heart and as a result has now re-produced the tour - and it's now actually very good! So my moaning can actually lead to some creative production. So here is the link the the ALL NEW Star Trek Tube Tour in all its tenuous technicolour glory.

"London. The final frontier. These are the voyagers of the Star Ship Tube Tour. It's continuing mission, to seek out new life and new underground stations, and to boldly connect them with a science fiction series in the most contrived and convaluted manner possible.

This is the result of that mission. The Star Trek Tube Tour of London. A tour of London Underground stations with increasingly tenuous links to Spock, Kirk and Picard. What better way for a Star Trek, armed only with their phaser and a one day, zone 1 to 4 Travelcard, to spend their day in the capital of the United Kingdon.

There is no finer way. We know. Because we have done it. And now you can do it too. So put that phaser in your holster, stick in the red alert bulb and please, most of all, mind the gap between the train and the platform.


I particuarly like the way Christopher Pike - the first captain of the Enterprise is linked to Turnpike Lane. And go through the tour to see how Commander Data is linked to Brent Cross!!

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