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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chilling Echo of the London Bombings

Yet another conspiracy theory

I do love the amount of "conspiracy theories" there were around the London Bombings or rather people trying to bring
Derek Acorah style psychic powers to stories around them. Firstly, we had that Peter Power PR bloke with his "London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack" nonsense (I refuse to even credit that story with a link, you can find it yourself). But the best I've seen recently is one which Londonist found in the Daily Record:

"BOND PLOT MIRRORS 7/7 KILLING screams the headline:

The plot of James Bond's latest movie mirrors the real life killing of the Brazilian shot by police in London after the 7/7 terror bombings. A leaked script reveals 007 shoots a suspected bomber only to discover later that he got the wrong person and his target was unarmed... chilling echoes of the events of last July when Brazilian Jean Charles de Menzes
(sic) was mistaken for a suicide bomber and shot dead.

As Rob from Londonist rightly says: "Chilling echoes? It's the plot of Casino Royale for God's sake.......Now, if the producers had decided to make Daniel Craig go for a piss while he was supposed to watching his suspect and then built a huge soundstage to recreate the magic of Stockwell (MI6 is just up the road) we might possibly be able to permit the use of the phrase 'chilling echoes'."

Loving that The Daily Record couldn't even spell Jean Charles de Menezes' surname correctly. But they redeemed themselves by reporting the only outrageously amusing story about the Winter Olympics (yawn) I've heard so far - as Rob reports in the same post - "Curling's for Lezzas says Eddie the Eagle" where "Ski Jump flop Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards has branded Scotland's Olympic-winning curlers a bunch of lesbians."

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