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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Final impressions of Paris Metro

Mind the Gap in Paris

In the interview above, I talked about how in France my boss had said that the Parisians wouldn't put up with the rubbish service that we get on the Tube, with the delays and stopping between tunnels and breakdowns and everything about the Northern derground (will be interesting to see if they
put their money where their mouth is), but this is nothing like some of the ad spaces on the Metro

Ads at Trocadero

That was a bit of an assault on the eyes and hard to take in, but I liked the larger ones they had in the corridors with the ornate framing around them:

Ads on Paris Metro

I thought the next ad looked a little like a black and white version of the ad for Derailed, with a man and woman in the foreground and the subway scene beneath.

Renaissance Film Poster

But it's for a film called Renaissance and is set in Paris in 2054. Quite a stylish looking animated black and white film which reminds me slightly of the animation in Sin City.

Paris TrainFinally when leaving Paris and travelling to Gare du Nord, I got onto a high speed train that wasn't part of the Metro but still runs through Paris.

It's one of those "monster" three story trains, where you can go upstairs or in a "basement" section below platform level too.

I went upstairs as it was the only place to get a seat. It all felt a bit weird, travelling at such a high speed, looking down the stairs and holding onto my luggage hoping it wouldn't topple down and hit the people below me.

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