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Friday, March 31, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Back to the regular weekly look at commuters who are slaves to fashion. After my time in Paris it's back to London - the city of Uggs and metallic bags. Really pleased that I managed to find a Flickr group that "celebrates" the
Ugg(ly)ness of Uggs.

Here's a variety of Ugg style boots spotted this week:

Uggs and Furry Wedges

The woman in the foreground is wearing a pair of real Ugg boots as I could spot the branding on the back of her heel - not that that makes them any better. But I was particularly transfixed by the woman wearing a pair of wedge heeled boots with a furry top and some Twiggy jeans

Uggs and Furry Wedge boots

I suppose unless you are wearing a skirt, Twiggy jeans "sort of work" with the furry wedges, but I think if I were her, I would have worn drainpipes and tucked them into the boots. But then again, if I were her, I wouldn't have bought the hideous things in the first place and I certainly wouldn't go out in a bright orange coat.

Still then, anyone who has Marilyn Monroe luggage doesn't really stand much of a chance on this blog.

Marilyn Monroe Luggage

It was actually quite kind of her to move her suitcase round like that, as it stopped me staring in a "car crash TV" kind of way at her boots!

Furry Bobbly Uggs

I think these boots speak for themselves:

Furry Bobbly Uggs

Possibly if they could speak, they'd be saying "Get us back to the set of the Muppets. We're puppets we're not supposed to be on this girl's feet!".

Steady on guys, hold yourselves back

Quite simply the most unattractive backside I've seen for some time

Metallic Bag and Combats

If the ill fittingness of these "combats" wasn't enough she topped it off with a large metallic back. Unfortunately I managed to get the bag in the glare of its own brightness so you can't see the true metallicness of it.


Here's a guy (yes it's a man) who's clearly in touch with his feminine side with a very vibrant green cardigan and a Harvey Nicks patterned shoulder bag:


I think the phrase "just gay enough" would be slightly err.... wasted on him.

That's it for this week. The previous entry for London Underground fashion victims is here and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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