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Friday, March 10, 2006

Tube Map Competition

Date the Tube Map

Well, it had to be done, with all the discussions we've been having over the Tube map
this week and last week and its merits (or not) and worthiness (or not) to be up in the finals for the Great British Design Quest, this week's competition is focussed on the map. There are two parts, firstly can you date the Tube Map below - and by date, I don't mean wine and dine it or buy it flowers, I mean can you identify the year that this version was issued?

Date the Tube Map

The map is from the cover of a book called Train & Transport - A Collector's Guide, which is a collection of "tickets, notices, leaflets, labels, folders, billboards and other throwaways ....an epitome of Mankind's love affair with the way from A - B".

In the book, there's a picture of an Edwardian Tube Map sponsored by the Evening News paper and shows the lines that existed at the time. With the exception of the Waterloo & City Line (as that's way too easy), can you give the current names for the lines shown in the map? Please only give one line each (no prizes for being able to name all of them) and you get a bonus point if you don't make the same guess as the person immediately before you.

Edwardian Tube Map cover

Train and Transport - A Collector's GuideThere's a larger version here which may help you read the names of the lines a bit better.

Tube map experts Max Roberts and Mark Ovenden (who've been contributing lately) are not allowed to enter, as they'll easily be able to get the first part!

Everyone else you have until Sunday 19th March 23.59 GMT to give your answer and as usual - one attempt only please and please make your guesses to both parts at the same time. Leave your answers in the comments below and remember to leave either your email addrress and/or your website or blog. Thanks.

Ah, the prize, it's a copy of the book the pictures came from! - Train and Transport - A Collector's Guide. It was kindly donated by Graham O'Mara as a prize. Cheers again Graham for donating another book!

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