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Thursday, April 06, 2006

London Underground Security

Meet the Opinionmeter

Coming home from work last week, I noticed the snappily named "Opinionmeter" at Leicester Square, which is a large machine where you can tap in your opinion about the personal security at the station, as part of a "Secure Stations Scheme".

London Underground Opinionmeter

In theory this is quite a good idea, as you get a quick say as to whether it's - Very Good, Fairly Good, Neither Good nor poor, Fairly Poor, Very Poor or you can even say if you have no opinion. You then have to say whether you are male or female as presumably what sex you are my have an effect on how "secure" or not you you feel you are.

I feel fairly secure at the station, but that's because I use it every day and travel through it quite quickly. Also as it's one of the busiest stations in London, I even feel OK travelling through it very late at night. This is more than can be said about some stations in East London, or even stations that I don't feel that familiar with when travelling late at night.

Some corridors feel eerie and weird late at night as you can walk for a while without seeing anyone at all and never knowing who might be around the corner.

Deserted tunnel to Waterloo & City Line

The corridor to the Waterloo & City Line from Bank is going to look like this until September now, but it felt strange to see it so empty.

I wonder how many other Opinionmeters there are around the Tube and whether they are just related to safety or not? I'd quite like to see one for the Northern Line in general. How do you rate the Northern Line? Is it Very Pants, Fairly Pants, Neither Fair nor Good, Fairly Rubbish, Very Rubbish or not worth the Opinionmeter's time?

Blogging Demystified

Also a quick thanks to Londonist for letting me rattle on about blogging last night at the Apple Store Event - Blogging Demystified with Random Tom Reynolds and the girls from Inky Circus (sadly Tom Coates was too ill to join us). My thoughts before the event are summarised here, and fortunately after the event & the warm welcome, I think I managed to make some sense. Thanks muchly if you came along, it was cool to see friendly faces like Neil and Version-3-point-1 in the audience and very nice to meet other visitors that I'd never before including Sole who was pleased to see I wasn't that nerdy looking or wearing a metallic anorak!

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