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Monday, April 03, 2006

Tube Seat Pencil Case answers

Moquette Pencil Case results

Not too many entrants to
this quiz, so very well done to those who gave it a try. But no one correctly guessed the regular contributor whose Mum who made them:

The answers are:

1) Which London Underground Line does or did the upholstery come from?

Two answers here. IanD had initially said 1938 Northern Line stock but he later found out that the same fabric was used on 1938 District Line stock too.

2) Whose mum makes the pencil cases and draught excluders?

Just in case you hadn't guessed from the answer to number one - it's IanD's

3) Which line on the London Underground has the newest design of upholstery?

The District Line (although apparently the Waterloo & City Line is testing new upholstery when it comes back into action)

4) What's the generic term used for this type of upholstery?


5) There was a popular urban myth going round about the sorts of nasty things that were found on Tube seats. Name one of the things supposedly found on them

Loads of things - see here

Jon and Rich had most answers correct and Neil did his paper clip selection thingie or tossed a coin to select the winner.

And the winner is Jon - so very well done. I'll be in touch to get your address so the very lovely pencil case will be on its way to you shortly!

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