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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Are you aware of others on the Tube?

Or what to do when there's nothing to read...

Just in case you hadn't had enough of escalators, The Week magazine seem to have discovered and advertising budget recently. There's a fun TV campaign about people nicking copies of The Week right now - love it when a squirrel looks like the last one to grab it! But they've also been running a Tube campaign too:

The Week Tube Ad

Probably taking advantage of an escalator at Canary Wharf, or somewhere else on the JLE, the ad features people engrossed in their copies of The Week. I think the implication is that the man without the magazine is less aware of what's going on around him, even though he hasn't got his head buried in a magazine like the others.

I often think that when you're on the London Underground you tend to get lost in your own world and even though you're in a public place, you're often not aware of others around you.

Well, that's the only reason I can sometimes come up with for people not giving thier seats up to others who clearly need them. I have a real bug bear for people who don't even attempt to offer their seats to the elderly or pregnant. I've sometimes been so busy reading something that I've not noticed a person who needs a seat. In those cases I'd hurriedly offer my seat up when I notice, giving a hard Paddington stare to the other people who never bother.

If I don't have something to read I'll stare at ads, but in the absence of that I find it pretty impossible not to people-watch on the Tube. Having this blog has probably heightened my awareness of others around me, but I've always tended to people-watch. Are you the same? Are you aware of others around you on the Tube, or do you put up a mental force field, block out everything and let your mind drift away?

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