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Monday, May 22, 2006

Are you up for a chat on the Tube?

Campaign to encourage Tube chatting

Since running
goingunderground and this blog I've seen a number of attempts to try to get people talking on the London Underground. Personally, I quite like being left to my own devices on the Tube and am not really fond of a random person trying to strike up a conversation with me. I spose it's because the people who usually try to strike up conversations with you are a little err.... less than err ... normal.

Tony Blair on the Tube

There's the instance of Tony Blair trying to converse with a woman during one of his rare visits on the Tube. The woman very famously ignorned him, preferring to stare into space and listen to her walkman instead.

Now Hannah has set up a campaign, complete with badges to pass on, to get people to chat on the Tube. The idea is that you wear a badge saying "I'm up for a chat on the Tube". If someone then chats to you, you pass the badge onto them so they can "spread the lurve" and then you write to Hannah for another badge and the chatting goes on. Nice idea, and apparently Rolf Harris has a badge!

I'm up for a chat on the Tube badgeOn Friday I went to the post Zone 1 challenge piss-up, the majority of the challengers were wearing Hannah's badges although only Pete Lupton aka Fat Bouy had passed his on. Hannah was one of the challengers herself and I had a chat with her, and she gave me one of the last badges she had on her.

Zone 1 Tube Challenge 2006

When me & Neil left the pub and got onto a fairly busy Friday night Tube wearing our badges, no one seemed particularly willing to strike up a conversation with us, but this was in the chucking out time period, so most people were chatting away amongst themselves anyway.

So if you want the join the ranks of Rolf Harris, the Zone 1 Tube challengers and over 200 other badge owners, pop along to Hannah's site and send her a SAE to get chatting!

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