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Monday, May 15, 2006

Da Vinci Code on the Tube

De-coding Da Vinci London Underground Ads

I must say that I'm already getting pretty bored with the
Da Vinci Code film and it's not even out yet. I'm waiting to see commuters reading the inevitable film-tie-in copies of the book with Tom Hanks and his strange lack of sideburns, but at the moment I haven't seen any film covers. Also surprisingly I haven't seen that many people with the book itself, but I have been twisting my head in knots trying to work out what this London Underground ad says.

Da Vinci Code Tube Ad

I could read the words underneath the heading quite easily, but I'm sad to say it was only when I was uploading the picture and reversed it in PhotoShop that I finally read the web address. I'm now kicking myself that I couldn't work it out on the Tube.

However, there's no way I'm even going to attempt to break the "code" in the ad below:

Da Vinci Code Tube Ad

Like millions of other people I bought the book, but I've only read 60 odd pages as I thought it was pretty shite and life's too short to waste your time with books that are best-sellers if they're not your personal cup of tea. As yet, I've not met one person who's managed to convince me that the book's worth giving another try!

So, for now I'll have to face more teaser Tube ads and the current round of "breaking the code" documentaries & Dan Brown de-bunking discussions and see Tom Hanks racing around looking anguished about his lack of side-burns. Very much looking forward to the film finally being released and hopefully then all the fuss will die down.

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