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Friday, May 26, 2006

London Transport Cinema Ad

Gordon Ramsay in London Transport AdTfL's sexy new cinema ad

I went to see Brick last night (BTW fab film, really dark, involving, intelligent, high school thriller without girls running around screaming - starring the excellent Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Tommy, out of 3rd Rock from the Sun). In the ads before the film they showed London Transport's new cinema ad.

Apparently it's the first time they had an ad showing bus, tube, taxi, cycling and a river boat all together. A hip young guy travels around London using all of those methods of transport in one day, while doing a sort of witty rappy style poem / monologue. "I bought a cookery book written by a footballer", "I had Oysters after using my Oyster". At the end of the day he takes his date back to his flat, snogs her and shuts the door with a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" look on his face. Then, the little monkey, goes through the same thing again with a different girl in the very next frame. London Transport just got sexy!

It's shot quite well and Gordon Ramsay (the footballer who wrote cookery book) features in the ad too, as hip young guy bumps into him (like you do) a few frames after buying his book.

The last London Transport ad I saw in the cinema must have been a couple of years ago and featured people playing cricket and bowls and was all a bit staid and "British", so it's good to see the trendy new ad.

Although I think you'd be hard pushed to use all five forms of transport in one day. Perhaps they should have thrown in a trip on the DLR and a tram ride in Wimbledon just to add to the mix.

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