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Friday, May 26, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Here's this week's look at people who could be seen as slaves to fashion or have a particular fashion "style" that they've made their own. Again we've had unseasonably bad weather in London, and a mixture of people wearing wintery hats, sandals, anoraks and T shirts.

OHMIGOD It's Kenny's Sister Again

You might remember Kenny's Sister from
some time ago

OHMIGOD They've snapped Kenny's Sister on the London Underground

Well I'm pretty certain this is Kenny's other sister with her hood up even though she was under cover at Hammersmith.

Kenny's Sister Again

I had to blur the background a bit as there were too many people standing behind her for you to see the sleeveless hooded anorak, which looks remarkably to the one the first woman was wearing.

Leopard Skin Trimmed Uggs

Ah it's about time we had an Ugg style boot again. It's hard to see here but they were trimmed with a sort of Leopard Skin fur.

Leopard Skin Uggs

With a designer looking carrier, drainpipe jeans and distressed hair she looks very "footballer's wife/girlfriend".

Studded Metallic Bag

Just when you thought I hadn't spotted any metallic bags for a while. Well, I have, loads of them in fact. I was hoping they would die out but they are still here. This one merited blogging though as it as those little eyelet holes in them, so that the bag can breathe more easily I presume!

Studded Metallic Bag

This bag was nestling on the lap of a woman in her late fifties, so you would have thought she might have been a tad too old to be swayed by the metallic bag trend. Sadly not.

Hats with badges

As Mags rightly noted in the comments on last week's fashion victims, I'm not a great fan of badges. Well I'm not a fan of badges that are worn on bags or hats. If you're going to wear a badge, why not wear it on your lapel or on your clothes?

Badge on cap

Here we have a button badge on a Fidel Castro style cap.

Below him is what I can only describe as a flowery felt fez

Saxophone on hat

Very "unusual" hat with the addition of a little saxophone badge/brooch which almost got lost amongst the vibrant flowers.

That's it for this week. The previous entry for London Underground fashion victims is here and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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