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Monday, June 19, 2006

Cryptic Tube Station Quiz

And the winners are.......

Memorise the Tube Map in 3 HoursGood response to the quiz where you had to guess the station names from the following cryptic clues.

However, before I reveal the answers to mine and Neil's "killer" clues, Jo asked if people could have another guess (rather than be limited to their "one answer only")

So have another go then.

From the original post, no one offered an answer for 6, 8, 12, 14, 17 and 20.

1. You've interred the gun, I hear
2. Beep beep! Sounds like Lord Coe's back
3. Follow procedures at this residence
4. The French have Tony all mixed up
5. Gets 21 and leaves
6. Er, drench a porky. Confused?
7. Resident of Roman England gets cross at the academy
8. Only a high-jump gold medallist can claim this title
9. Sheriff reaches his hundred but needs a direction
10. It's not cheese found in elderly McDonald's abode
11. The portly pig is firm once he's had a wee
12. Capital's department keeps me angry
13. Sounds like those distant bells have stopped
14. This garden jazz man's not off
15. Office junior joins the French
16. A circular record?
17. A part of Harold's joint is looking mouldy
18. Revolutionary joins the pretence
19. It's well-liked without you!
20. Babe's partner gives an encore

The answer given to 11 wasn't exactly what I was looking for and number 1 ended up having two correct answers. Plus the answer given for 16 wasn't correct!

So have a go with as many as you can and Neil will do the paperclip selection amongst the original correct guessers later today.

OK the paperclip selection has now taken place and the winner of "Memorise the Tube Map in 3 Hours" is Michelle. The runner up prize of a Tube Mouse Mat goes to Jamesthegill who was 2nd in the selection! So very well done to them.

The answers are below - although after this second attempt I think they were all guessed correctly. However, if you'd like me or Neil to explain the answers, feel free to ask.

1. Canonbury (not Gunnersbury - there's a fine distinction)
2. Tooting Bec
3. Custom House
4. Leyton
5. Pontoon Dock
6. Hyde Park Corner
7. Brixton
8. Barking
9. South Kenton
10. Chalk Farm
11. West Hampstead
12. Crossharbour & London Arena
13. Farringdon
14. Alperton
15. Temple
16. Monument
17. Stepney Green
18. Chesham
19. Poplar
20. Stanmore

Less painful on the brain is the scavenger hunt quiz below, so you might want to try your luck at that and the more liberties taken with PhotoShop the better!

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