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Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Quiz - Memorise the Tube Map in 3 Hours

How well do you know London Underground station names?

The challenge this week isn't to memorise the Tube map in 3 hours, but the prize is. Romolo Russo kindly sent me a copy of his book which poses the question "Ever wondered how fascinating it would be if you could memorise the London Tube map?" Handy, yes. Good party trick, yes. Not so sure about 'fascinating'.

Memorise the Tube Map in 3 Hours

Romolo's pocket sized book is a series of "bizarre stories which act as clues to remembering the stations". Romolo, says that each of the 14 stories takes an average of 13 minutes to learn. Using the 'Loci' method, he gives each station a name or identity that is more visual than the station itself, and makes it into a story that you might find easier to remember than the order of the stations. According to Romolo "This method of imagery stimulates your memory more easily and is the best way to remember a list of events."

Here's an example for the Central Line, where Hugh Grant represents Notting Hill "Hugh Grant goes to the centre to buy a huge tomato. He meets the Queen who leads the way, Burt Lancaster directs them to a huge Marble Arch. They see James Bond running towards an Ox.". etc etc I think you get what he's trying to do.

Personally I would struggle to remember the story, but it reminded me of the quiz I've had on goingunderground, with cryptic clues to station names. Soooooo, me and Neil came up with some cryptic clues to 20 station names from the Tube Map (remember the map includes the Silver Link).

Can you guess what they are? One guess only PLEASE - anyone being a smart arse & giving more than one answer will be disqualified and find their entry mysteriously disappears. You can't give the same answer that someone else has already given, so get in quick as the easier ones are likely to go first.

1. You've interred the gun, I hear
2. Beep beep! Sounds like Lord Coe's back
3. Follow procedures at this residence
4. The French have Tony all mixed up
5. Gets 21 and leaves
6. Er, drench a porky. Confused?
7. Resident of Roman England gets cross at the academy
8. Only a high-jump gold medallist can claim this title
9. Sheriff reaches his hundred but needs a direction
10. It's not cheese found in elderly McDonald's abode
11. The portly pig is firm once he's had a wee
12. Capital's department keeps me angry
13. Sounds like those distant bells have stopped
14. This garden jazz man's not off
15. Office junior joins the French
16. A circular record?
17. A part of Harold's joint is looking mouldy
18. Revolutionary joins the pretence
19. It's well-liked without you!
20. Babe's partner gives an encore

To enter leave your guess (yes, that's singular - one guess only!!) in the comments below with your email address and/or website/blog. You have until Sunday 18th June 23.59 GMT to enter. All correct entries go into Neil's paperclip selection and the first person selected will get their very own copy of "Memorise the Tube Map in 3 Hours". Because I'm feeling generous, the 2nd person will get a shiny new Tube Map mouse mat, so you can practice learning the map at your computer!

Tube Map Mouse Mat

Have fun!

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