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Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Quiz - Tube Stations with celebrity names

When will I be famous?

A few weeks ago Heart FM's breakfast show did a phone-in where people had to come up with celebrities that had London places in their names. I quite liked some basic ones like Harry Enfield, but then they got a bit more inventive with Patsy Kensington and Whitney Euston. So can you name a celebrity that has a Tube Station in their name. You are allowed to have some poetic licence so I will let you get away with ones like St Paul's Gascoigne.

Simon Patterson Great Bear Detail

I don't think we'll come up with enough to make a Tube Map out of them (although that never stopped Simon Patterson with The Great Bear - see detail above), but I imagine there are quite a few.

London Underground Tea CaddyPlease only give one name each (anyone showing off and giving loads will be disqualified) and you have to give a name that is different to everyone elses. You have until Sunday 11th June 23.59 GMT to enter. As usual please give you email address and/or website/blog in the comments below when you enter.

And the prize(s), I'm feeling generous and seem to have acquired lots of tins of "London Tea" (whatever that is) with London Underground Maps on them. So five lucky people who are selected from the entries will win a tin.

There's only enough in each caddy to make five or six cups of tea, so don't think you can have a massive tea party if you win!

Have fun!

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