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Friday, June 16, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Once again it's Friday's look at commuters who could be considered slaves to fashion or have a particularly unusual sense of "style" when it comes to clothes. Apart from on Monday when it was roasting, the weather's been fairly normal for mid June, so lots of sandals but no women actually spotted wearing underwear as outerwear.....yet!

The Birkenstock Sisters

Speaking of sandals, looks like Birkenstocks are once again this year's must have footwear.

Birkenstock Sisters

It was very kind of these women to wear contrasting pairs in red and black and sit opposite me. I think I must be one of the few people in the world who doesn't think Birkenstocks are comfortable. I can't wear those sandals that have a bit between your big toe anyway, but even the Birkenstocks without the toe bit I find extremely uncomfortable. I persevered with them one year for about a month and then gave up.

Mock Converses & Tweed Skirt

However, thanks to doing this section of the blog I am now Converse convert. But even though I'm a new Converse convert, I don't think you should wear them with smart tweed skirts.

Mock Converses & Tweed Skirt

Or should you? I know that David Tennant gets away with them with a suit in Dr Who, (geek chic) but I think they look pretty ugly with this rather school marmish skirt. Perhaps it's because they're not real Converses either but mock ones.

More Tattered Jeans

If you didn't read the comments on a non fashion post in the week, you won't know that we've had the first victim to spot themselves on the blog. Lu spotted herself as the "victim below"

Tattered Jeans & Metallic Shoes

She said "That is 100% certainly me down in the fashion victims with the torn jeans. You can even see the bit I sowed back together on the left leg. Crikey."

When I asked how she managed to get them looking so worn on the knees, she replied "Annie, The torn jean effect just happens to some of us, and to some of us it doesn't. I first knew it was me (not simply because of the matching shoes with the matching torn jeans) because of this inward facing way I turn my feet when I stand. Plus it seems that I am leaning against the wall, which I do a lot on the tube. Is that at Hammersmith?"

It was certainly on the way to Hammersmith on the Piccadilly Line. But I'm delighted that we have our first identified victim and fortunately she didn't feel like belting me one!

However, I'm assuming that Lu isn't the lady who's also going for the tattered jeans look below, although there is a bit of a theme with metallic footwear! (First metallic flip flops I've seen this year).

Tattered Jeans & Metallic Flip Flops

She seems to have gone for a much more "tailored" and deliberate torn look than Lu. She also appears to have some icicles or chains dangling off her wrist.

Midnight Cowboy

So to finish with some men.

Midnight Cowboy

This bloke in a stetson reminded me of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's grandad's character in Midnight Cowboy. He seemed to be looking fairly lost in the big city, and may have just landed from a little place way out West. Or maybe he's simply trying to ressurect the stetson look that was trendy a year or so ago.

Engerlerrrrnd shirt

Taken yesterday morning, this bloke obviously wanted to support "our lads". Unlike the bulk of men who seem to be going retro by sporting red football T shirts, he went for white with a chavtastic style of writing on the back.

Engerlerrnd Shirt

It almost reminded me of the writing on the back of "Off White Jacket man's" jacket.

Ooops I'm forgot to put my shoes on

Last week we had a man in his pyjama bottoms, and this week we finish with a young bloke who appears to have forgotten his shoes

Barefoot Bandanna Boy

Am I missing a new Barefoot and Bandanna'd trend?

That's it for this week. The previous entry for London Underground fashion victims is here and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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