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Monday, June 05, 2006

London Underground Sock Quiz Results

And the winner is.......

I think this is only the
second quiz I've held where no one got all the answers correct and it was the date of the last steam trains carrying passengers which threw everyone who entered.

So the answers are:

1. The London Transport Museum will open in the spring next year. How much money will have been spent on the improvements?

£18.6 million

2. When the London Underground began in 1863, steam trains were used underground. When did the last steam train carrying passengers run on the Tube?

29th May 2000 - Steam on the Met special this threw everyone.

3. The Bakerloo Line celebrated its centenary earlier this year. Which line celebrated its centenary immediately before the Bakerloo & in what year?

Central line, 2000

4. In the lifts at Covent Garden (the nearest Tube station to the museum) there used to be a recording of a famous voice saying "Turn right into the Piazza for one of my favourite museums - The London Transport Museum". Whose voice was it?

Loyd Grossman

5. In what year do you think the black socks were made? I don't know the exact year, but when's the latest they could have been produced?

I was looking for 1994 as they have Aldwych on them - although IanD has a point in saying that they could have been made later

6. The socks are supposedly men's socks fitting size 6 - 11. What's my shoe size?

7 or 8 depending on the shop.

Jonny Lyon, Nicola and Jon Justice got most correct and went into Neil's paperclip selection, and the winner of the delightful pair of socks is.......

Jon Justice.

Thanks to those who entered, and goodness knows how many paperclips Neil will need for the next quiz, as even with five prizes, there's still a large amount of entries!

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