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Friday, June 23, 2006

Misery Line Music Video Quiz

How well do you know the Northern Line?

We've done a number of these quizzes in the past, where you have to see if you can guess where on the London Underground a particular music video was filmed (
Madonna and The Scissor Sisters in the past). Thanks to Pedro Gomes who sent me a whole collection of online videos he's found related to the Tube and amongst them was a Creep style music video with vocals by Ian Brown, that's clearly shot on the Northern Line. But where?

Our heroine and her friends leave a station and walk down one of those typically long & seemingly endless corridors on the Tube that are a dream for horror movie and music video makers

Which station do they leave

1. Which station is this?

They get to a point where they go down some stairs and the boys go one way, leaving the girl alone to go home another way. She gets to a deserted station and sits down

Which station is she sitting at?

2. Which station is she sitting at?

She sees a pretty spooky looking person at the far end of the platform, but not paying too much attention she gets onto her train and leaves.

Which staton does she depart from?

Now you know what continuity can be like on these videos and artistic license is often used with gay abandon.

3. Is she leaving the same station as the one in the picture two? If not what station is it?

Like the woman in Creep she's on a deserted carriage, so she puts her feet up and listens to her walkman. She's wearing some pretty cool boots here

What type of train is she on?

So one for the tube geeks, sorry ... experts, here.

4. Give me the name of the type of train that she's on. The more exact the better in terms of the stock.

She attempts to get off the Tube at some point but the doors don't open long enough for her to leave. So she sits back down, appears to doze off and the mysterious character that she saw earlier comes over and touches her cheek.

The video ends the following morning, with a station cleaner coming onto the train to clear the rubbish.

What's the final station?

He finds her apparently asleep and goes over to wake her but she's turned into a withered old lady and we can only assume that the mysterious character has stolen her youth & beauty.

5. What station does the cleaner find her in?

Film Lover Travels Underground TinIt will probably help you in the quiz if you can find the video itself, but try not to give the link away to others when you answer!

As usual the people who get most answers correct will go into Neil's paperclip selection. To enter leave your email address and/or blog/website with your answers in the comments below. Please leave all your answers in one entry and you can only enter once! You have until 23.59 GMT, Sunday 2nd July to make your guesses.

And the prize, well it's the nearest I have to something that's Tube and film related. It's a handy little tin featuring a 1930's "Film Lover" London Underground poster. Use it to carry small knick knacks (whatever they are).

Have fun!

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