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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rooney on the London Underground

Where's Wayne?

No wonder England only drew against Sweden last night, when Wayne Rooney was on the London Underground just a short while before he should have been warming up before the match

Rooney on the London Underground

I quite like his new Mohican haircut, but I didn't know that gold was one of the colours on England's strip.

Ah but look, here is again although he seems to have got a bit darker and dyed his hair again.

Rooney on the London Underground again

If I were Sven I would tell him to stop messing about on the Tube and experimenting with different hairstyles and concentrate on the game. It's not really that difficult is it?

Later I was on the Tube during the match itself, and it's a great way of travelling. It's almost deserted. Plus when I went through Chancery Lane station concorse the station staff had kindly decided to "tannoy" the game through the loud speakers so the few passengers travelling through could catch the latest.

One of my work colleagues actually wondered whether much of the Tube would be working as he imagined that a number of staff might throw a sickie! Surely not, I replied, They wouldn't do that would they?

At my company we're lucky in that we can legitimately take time off to watch matches where "our own country" is playing. It's an international company, although the majority of staff in our London office are probably English, so people are deciding whether they can dredge up some long lost relative from Brazil or Argentina.

However, I imagine Tube staff don't have this luxury and have to find other ways of keeping track of the games, when they're supposed to be working. Does your company give you time off to watch football, or do you have other "tactics" to keep informed during daytime matches? If you work on the Tube or railways I'd particularly love to know how you manage.

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