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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sponsor a London Underground Station

Not another money making idea from TfL

You may remember the "
Commercial Tube Map" a spoof of what the London Underground Map would look like if appropriate companies sponsored the stations, well now you can sponsor or adopt your own favourite station on a charity Google Map run by Capital Radio.

Visit www.londonlandgrab.com, and you can adopt a Tube Station from as little as £25. The site lets you take 'ownership' of a London property such as a Tube station, market, pub, shop, monument or famous landmark. You can then add any text you like & any image you like to it. The money goes to Help A London Child.

I'm still not sure which Tube station to support, as I don't actually have a favourite one. After all of Tuesday night's shennanigans I was tempted to "own" Hammersmith station, so I could demand a better service for it, but someone has already grabbed it ahead of me.

If you don't fancy donating twenty five quid you can adopt a pub for as little as a fiver!

Speaking of Google maps, Jon Allen and a number of others have told me about another interactive London Underground map that calculates the quickest Tube route between two spots including walk time! I'd take some of the connections it gives you with a pinch of salt though. I mapped my route home and the map was under the mistaken belief that the Piccadilly Line stops at Turnham Green all the time (it only stops there after about 11pm at night), as changing there was suggested as my fastest route!

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