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Monday, June 12, 2006

When will Queensway open?

Metronet criticised yet again

I hope you weren't expecting that Queensway would be re-opened today, as it looks like you will be in for a long wait. Queensway station has been shut for year and was originally due to open again at the beginning of May. When that didn't happen, Metronet, the contractors, blamed the "extremely complex" replacement of the more than 50 year old passenger lifts, but said all would be well by the 12th June.

Queensway still closed

Well it's the 12th June and the station is still closed and apparently London Underground have no idea when the station will be re-opened.

Chris Bolt, regulator for the LU's PPP is concerned about Metronet's performance. He believes that if the problems continued, London Underground could use its 'step in' rights to oversee Metronet contracts and make it pay costs for this. These penalties could be around £100,000 a week, so if I were them, I'd get a move on.

After the original opening date, a spokesman at Metronet, being more than a bit previous, said "The century-old station structure now has new life - and I'm confident that the finished product is much improved, brighter, and safer - and that the new lifts will provide many years of reliable service in the future."

Hopefully, we will see them one day!

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