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Friday, July 14, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Here's this weeks's look at our slaves to fashion on the Tube or people who're trying to set or follow a trend but not quite carrying it off.

My Plait's longer than yours

It's not very often that you see not one but two incredibly long plaits on the same day. Please tell me that growing your hair to your knees or longer isn't making a come-back.

London's longest plait ?

This lady is doing fairly well, although she seems to have added some blue threads to the end to increase the length.

However she's clearly been beaten by the next lady

London's longest plait

I was sitting next to some women who had also noticed her and we all started giggling as I took the picture of her. I think she's definitely aiming to get her plait to touch the floor.

Del Boy

Del Boy

Some excellent Peckham styling here from Del Boy in the Eighties. Sadly you can't see the little bits of diamante on the shoes though. As that really gave them the "Just going to play a round of golf with Boycie" feel.

Pretty in Pink?

Pretty in Pink?

Do you think this woman likes pink? She's got one of my favourite bags slung over her shoulder in a errr nice shade of metallic pink. Coupled with some flip flops in pink flip flops and some err "interesting" dragon combat trousers - in pink. It's all a bit Bruce Lee meets Britney Spears.

Madness, Madness, We call it Madness

I almost thought the next set of girls were off to a 1980's fancy dress party. But in the end I was convinced they weren't, mainly because of the trendy Urban Outfitters carrier bags.

Madness & Nurse

Firstly we have a girl in what looks like a naughty nurse's outfit, complete with black seamed stockings. But the headscarf is very Dexy's Midnight Runners. Just in front of her is a reject from a Madness tribute band. How many years ago were braces on women trendy?

Their mate was also following the Madness look with the braces but decided to go even more retro and wear a sailor suit shirt

Sailor Leggings

She's also doing that mini skirt and leggings look, which I don't think does anyone any major favours.

Can someone help me out of these balloons?

Finally we have another guest entry. This week it's from Gert who pictured a prime example of when the leggings and skirt look really doesn't work

Neon Pink Leggings

If you are going to do this look, I think it helps if your leggings don't make you look like you're wearing neon pink balloons.

That's it for this week. The previous entry for London Underground fashion victims is here and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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