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Friday, July 28, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Here's Friday's regular look at our slaves to fashion on the Tube or people with their own unique style spotted on the underground.

So far a good number of people in California have been asking me about asking me about London's heatwave - I'm surprised it's newsworthy over here. But they then sigh and smile slightly to themselves as it's hardly a heatwave by Californian standards. The following two guys, I snapped earlier in the week, were both coping with the heat by displaying a fair amount of flesh.

Man Bags

I'm not sure how well the tight vests go with Man Bags.

Man Bags & Tube Fan

Although "Crusty Bint" spotted the photo as I put it up in Flickr and said - "It's a gentleman's sponge bag.... how very dare you ;)"

Tube Fans

I was also being particularly thick or slow or unobservant as it took me a little while to realise what the red item was in the guy on the left's hand. However, when they had both finished reading The Standard Lite, it became all too clear

Tube Fan

Actually I'm surprised I haven't seen more people carrying fans on the Tube this summer. Mostly people have been using newspapers as fans, but nothing beats the efficiency of a real fan.

I think London Underground ought to hire these guys as model summer commuters. They're carrying a bottle of water, they've got a fan, they're not wearing many clothes, they're reading the Standard. It's all very, very Metrosexual and they'd be perfect for a staying cool in the heat ad!

That's it for this week. The previous entry for London Underground fashion victims is here and all of them together can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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