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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Misery Line Quiz

Northern Line BookAnd the winners are......

Thanks again to Dmitri for supplying the prize for the quiz where we wanted you to sell the Northern Line - that's sell as in promote or advertise. (Goodness knows how anyone could really sell the Northern Line as who would be mad enough to buy it).

There was a clear winner in this case but Dmitri and myself also wanted to give some runner up prizes

So John B gets a prize for suggesting that Infernos night-club at Clapham Common is his favourite place to visit on the Northern Line. I've had the misfortune of visiting Infernos on a couple of occasions and I would say it's name is very appropriate as to me it was like a "hell hole". But John manages to see the positive side: "It's like the 1970s crossed with a Student Union nightclub, but good. This is an amazing feat." Coupled with this he managed to find a quote on the TfL website that said the Northern Line was "one of London Underground's most reliable lines". Admittedly this was in 2003!

Andrew also gets a prize for a slogan selling the Northern Line "Tranquility of Mornington Crescent may go up as well as down. London Underground is not responsible if you go mentally insane whilst at Camden Town trying to work out which platform to use." I suppsed it's more like the reams of small print you get on those financial services ads.

Jon Allen's slogan wasn't exactly a slogan more like an ode to the Misery Line - but sung to the tune, "Morning has Broken" it certainly deserved a prize:

"Morden has broken,
Like the first morning
Sonja has spoken ,
Like the first announcer
Praise for the Tube lines,
Praise for the Tube trains,
Praise for them running,
Fresh from the depot.

Sweet the leaves new fall, sunlit from heaven,
Like the first leaf-fall, on the first Tube tracks
Praise for the sweetness of the Tube drivers,
Sprung in full comfort in their train cabs

Mine is the Northern Line,
Mine is the morning
Born of Victorians, Yerkes saw play
Praise with elation, Praise every morning
Ken's recreation of a new age

The Archer at East Finchley StationBut the overall winner as a good all-rounder was Pete. As a favourite picture he highlighted the Archer at the top of East Fincley Station.

His favourite place is "The ArtsDepot - a lovely arts centre, gallery and performance space at Tally Ho Corner in North Finchley - I went to a Make Poverty History gig there, where the "Camden Cowboys" (half of Madness) performed."

And the simplicity of slogan - "The Northern Line, Gateway to Barnet" stood out.

So Pete wins The Northern Line book - very kindly donated by Dmitri and I will raid my Tube booty bottom drawer to come up with some surprise prizes for Jon, John B & Andrew.

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