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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tube Strikes may be on the way

London Underground staff balloting over gay discrimination

You may have heard that there are three separate Tube strikes. One's about pay and the RMT will ballot for strike action unless there's an "acceptable offer" by August 23rd. Another is about the "blatantly unfair" sacking of driver Raj Nathvani who reportedly over ran a signal. The Jubilee Line driver has eight and a half years experience with no safety breaches. According to RMT Secretary Bob Crow:

"He reported it to his controller and proceeded at caution. Ahead of him were green signals and no points, but he was sacked without mercy because he didn't follow procedure exactly,"

Tube Strikes Threatened - Metro

Well that makes him sound like a pussycat in comparison to the water throwing Northern Line Driver whose SPAD led to some wildcat strikes earlier this year.

Canary Wharf station staff will also be balloted after claims of harrassment of union representatives and discrimination against gay workers. Bob Crow said "A female member of staff who was sexually assaulted on the barrier has suffered constant harassment from local management since.

"A gay member of staff has suffered homophobic remarks, and there is a widespread view that gay staff members are routinely discriminated against."

It's no surprise to hear that London Underground are denying this particular allegation and a spokesperson told pinknews:

"London Underground has a strong policy against harassment of any kind and takes such matters extremely seriously.

"In this case, the RMT's claims have already been subject to formal investigation and were not founded. If there are further issues then balloting for strike action as a first step is not the way to resolve any issue."

It will be pretty interesting to see how the latter pans out, particularly as some of Bob Crow's crownies didn't appear to have the most PC of attitudes to female bar staff when they were banned from a pub in January. Good to see the RMT have seen their error of their ways and are now deciding to take a stand against sexual harrassment.

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