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Friday, September 01, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

You've still got a few days to nominate Ms and Mr TFV (Tube Fashion Victim) 2006, but we're back with the normal week's look at slaves to fashion on the Tube or people with a particular style that they've taken and "made it their own" (Ah X-Factor Louis Walsh we love you - I'm almost tempted to be the 46th member of his fan club).

Girls in Combats

Seem to be a growing trend of women wearing camoflagued combats at the moment. They're a fairly blokey thing to wear, so how do you make them look a bit more girly.

One trick is to buy a pair that have butterflies in them and wear with some big black boots - just in case people think you've sold out by getting girly butterfly ones in the first place

Butterfly Combats

Alternatively go full the full on camo look but make sure you're wearing a lot of girly bracelets to go with them.

Beady Combats

Luggage Trousers

The following guy's trousers provide a very efficient way of dealing with the hand luggage ban we had on planes recently.

Luggage Trousers

Wear trousers that look as though you could fit enough things for a short break in the pockets. Certainly handy when the Tube announcer tells you to remember to take all of your personal belongings with you when you leave the train.

We Lurve Leopardskin

Well I don't really, but the two ladies below were in a bit of a leopardskin frenzy. Firstly we have leopardskin leggings with a micro denim skirt so micro that you can't even see it

Leopard Leggings

Then we have a leopard skin bag where the lady loves leopards so much she decided to keep the poor creature's face in the bag

Leopardskin Bag & Ali Baba Shoes

She's resourceful though this woman. She obviously accidently spilt a load of bleach onto her jeans which also ripped each leg in half down the front. I think she then used the points on her Ali Baba shoes to poke some holes into her jeans, only so that she could tie them back together again with some leather straps. Genius.

Crocodile Rock

At last we capture the lesser spotted Croc on the Tube. Are these hideous rubber clogs set to be this year's Ugg boots?


I spotted so many people wearing them in general but Neil managed to grab this woman wearing a pair on the Tube. What a fine worn specimen they are. Half clog, half wellington boot and about half as comfortable I'd imagine.

Jesus Loves Calvin Kleins

Finally Mr Post Modern Irony man

Jesus Loves your Calvin Kleins

Simply loving the way he teams camo combats with a Jesus Loves You belt and a Bollywood bag. Coupled with his grey Calvin Kleins he looks trendtastic!

That's it for this week. Don't forget to nominate Mrs & Ms TFV and if you've missed the whole set they can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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