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Friday, September 08, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Ah, it's Friday again, and the regular weekly look at this week's fashion victims. The beginning of September is generally a weird time of year for clothes. It's not summer, but it's not quite autumn either and London has been reasonably warm. Although I've somehow managed to get a late summer cold. The ladies featured below are either making the most of summer's final rays or not......

Not so pretty in pink

Hmm the lady below is in a quandrary, she's managed to find items of clothing that are almost all the same shade of pink and thrown them together.

Pink Pink Pink

I used to go for a very co-ordinated collection of colours when I was younger thinking it would work, but as I've got older I've realised this makes it look as though you're trying a bit too hard.

Pink boots, pink belt, pink necklace, pink cardigan. Sensibly she didn't go the whole hog with pink jeans and pink underwear.


Footballer's girlfriend Colleen McLoughlin has been paid by Asda to do a lot of sashaying down the streets to the tune "Pretty Woman" warbled by a bunch of street urchins. She flicks back her locks at one point to provocatively reveal a backless top:

Back Necklace

The woman above is going the same way but with much more back on show and a delightful "backlace" to go with it.

Micro Shorts

I'm just jealous of this girl as she has the figure to carry it off

Micro Shorts

But interesting contrast between her and her friend. Hot Pants Lady felt it was warm enough to hardly wear much at all, whereas her mate is more autumnally dressed.

Is that a Skelt?

Finally one of those cases where your belt is as long as your skirt, or is it that your skirt is as short as your belt?

Belt almost as long as skirt

There was something quite sad about this girl. It was only about 9pm at night and she was carrying a single rose. Was it at date that had ended abruptly? Or was she going on to a blind date where she said, "I'll be the one carrying a rose and wearing a belt as my skirt. You can't miss me." I guess we'll never know.

That's it for this week. The previous week's victims can be found here and if you've missed the whole set they can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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