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Friday, October 27, 2006

London Underground Fashion Victims

Fashion Victims on the Tube

Just got back from seeing The Devil Wears Prada and I imagine that Meryl Streep's fashion editor character would be giving a slight purse to her lips in disapproval if she travelled on the London Underground. Not only are the women more than a size 8 and look like they eat carbs, but I don't think their unique "look" would make the pages of her Vogue-a-like Runway magazine.

First Uggs of Autumn

Ah, we know that winter's on the way and with the clocks going back this weekend its time to brush down those Uggs - or rather in this case, not brush them down as they're very grubby looking

First Uggs of Autumn

She's clearly trying with the knock off designer bag, but it's a shame she felt the need to attach a pink furry err... blob and a pink ribbon too. But I shouldn't criticise too much as maybe it's a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pity we can't have an Ugg Awareness month, where we're allowed to point at people wearing Ugss and say "Are you aware of how ridiculous you look?".

Yellow Swoosh meets yellow Chequers

Really not sure what's going on with this guy's turn ups here. I looked around for a push bike, but nothing in sight.

Yellow swoosh and chequered socks

I wonder if he always wears yellow socks with his yellow & grey Nikes. One can only hope he's not a doctor as the socks are almost approaching "novelty socks" which have apparently been banned by the NHS.

Glamour at Glamoursmith

They don't call Hammersmith, Glamoursmith for nothing.

Glamour at Glamoursmith

Trendy little cap, check. Trendy fur trimmed jacket, check. Oversized T shirt dress, check. Micro denim mini skirt with heavy tights, check.

But as you look down it all starts to go a bit Pete Tong.

Scarf Boot

Why do you have a scarf tied around your boot? Is it that your boot is feeling a bit chilly? Or perhaps it was to hide a hole?

Minnie Mouse Wears Platforms

Twiggy trousers, zig zag tights and Minnie Mouse shiny patent black and red shoes.

Minnie Mouse Platforms

As Shazza Osbourne would say - Fabulous!

That's it for this week. The previous victims can be found here and the complete picture gallery can be seen on the following Flickr set.

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