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Monday, October 30, 2006

Love on the Tube

Join Orlando Bloom in his hunt to find love

Northern Line graphic from Schmoof

It appears that Orlando Bloom might be seen as a bit of a Line Lothario as he claims that he loves travelling on the Tube as it gives him an excuse to stare at beautiful women.

He told London Lite: "I've always been taken with the Tube. I used to fall in love on the Tube all the time. You sit there opposite someone, your eyes meet, nothing is said and then you both get up and go off into your own worlds. It's like this weird underground network and I've always found it fascinating."

But it doesn't sound as though he's ever made a move as and from his track record of Hollywood beauties such as Kate Bosworth, Uma Thurman & Penelope Cruz, I personally don't think he'd be snuggling up to London commuters just yet.

London Lite also reported that of all places, the Nothern Line seems to be the best place to find romance. Perhaps, it's because people spend so long waiting for trains there it might be the best line to strike up a conversation. Looks like top electro duet Schmoof got it right with their song Northern Line & Sarah from the band kindly let me reproduce the lyrics & the graphic above.

Verse 1

Sarah I take the tube to Waterloo

Boy At Camden Town I spotted you

S And our eyes met over a paper

As we pulled into Leicester Square

B And for only 2 pounds & twenty

Today's journey was worth the fare


Both We met on the Northern Line (x2)

Verse 2

S Time's running out here's Charing Cross

B She's dropped her glove I reach across

S & our fingers touched at that moment

Causing both of us to quiver

B & we rode the tube until Morden

I don't go south of the river

Hopefully the Northen Line is going to be Schmoof's second single so we'll get to hear it soon.

Have you found love or a least got a date from meeting someone on the Tube, or do you know anyone who has? One of my friends dated a guy for a while, as they travelled on the same mainline train, but I've never found the Tube to be much of a Love Train.

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