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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just another (insert M here) Monday

Monday woes on the Tube

Someone is bound to come up with all the reasons as to why Metronet are performing brilliantly and somehow are not to blame for the major delays on the Central, Circle, District and Northern Line yesterday morning which spilled (and I'm being charitable here) over into the evening, so I'm not even going to attempt to to attack them. I'll just sit back and wait for my refund to come from TfL.

Severe Delays

What I will do though is help out the Evening Standard and London Lite with some more suitable alliterations for the next time this happens - on a day other than Monday. London Lite's Meltdown Monday was good:

Meltdown Monday

But on balance I preferred the Standard's Monday Mayhem.

Monday Mayhem

Mayhem has a sort of Peter Andre and Jordan seldom heard quaintness about it (remember Marriage & Mayhem the story of their nuptials).

So for other days I'd like to suggest - Tuesday Turmoil, Woeful Wednesday or even Wonky Wednesday. Thursday - Mmmm another T. OK Traumatic Thursday. Friday's alot easier - Frightful Friday, Freaky Friday, Filthy Friday, and Friday Failure slip off the tongue. Metronet can you kindly note that Mondays and Fridays are definitely easier for headline writers, so can we stick to those days please?

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