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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Terrorist employed by Tube Lines sub contractor

Abu Hazma's son worked on the London Underground

What started out as a small piece in Metro had developed into Sheriff Ken being happy to employ terrorists on the Tube, and than making a massive U turn by the time I got home.

Ken Backs Terrorist's Tube Job

In an earlier edition of London Lite "Ken Livingstone today defended the right of Abu Hazma's son to work for a Tube contractor - despite his conviction for terrorism in Yemen"

Basically Ken reckons that Mohammed Kamel Mostafa wasn't actually convicted of terrorism (he was convicted in Yemen in 1999 for plotting to kill Western tourists) and claims that he had passed Tube security checks. Using the old "not like father like son" gambit, Sheriff Ken said we shouldn't restrict Mostafa's right to work simply because his dad is a barking mad maniac who incites murder & racial hatred. Ken said ""You wouldn't say to someone 'you can't work on the Tube because your mum is the editor of The Sun. Has he broken any laws here in Britain? The answer is no. We are happy to have him working for us"

So why was his pass withdrawn when colleagues on the Tube recognised him? Why, then, still, are blokes who look a bit foreign being searched on the Tube? Why do people who swear at security scanners get hauled away by the police? You'd be right for thinking that Ken had lost the plot here. In fact within hours of the press conference the Mayor's office issued a press release in which Ken stated it had been "correct to dismiss him."

Labour MP Andrew Dismore said "It beggars belief. It wasn't like he was nicked for shoplifting. It was terror offences in Yemen. You would think the Underground would be particularly sensitive to terrorism".

Apparently not. An LU spokesman was quick to point any potential finger of fault at the sub-contractor who employed Mostafa and said it was up to them to make criminal checks. "The question of whether the checks were tight enough is a matter for the Government to address. We don't do criminal checks on every single individual who comes onto the London Underground."

I would have loved to have pictured Mostafa's possible interview:

Subcontractor - "What are your interests?"

Mostafa - "Well I don't really get out a lot, particularly in 1999, I kept myself to myself. But I do like rap".

"Mmmm interesting"

"Yep I was thinking about persuing a career in rap, but I haven't really got a hang of the lyrics. I couldn't really find much that rhymed with holy war & Hazma"

"Really. Mmmm, Hazma, Hazma, that name rings a bell. In fact you sort of remind me of someone except you seem to have both eyes and you haven't got a hook for a hand".

"Are you saying I look like a terrorist? Are you saying I look a bit foreign? Are you disrespecting my family?"

"Course not Mr Mostafa the job's yours. Now pop along to those tunnels that run under Westminster. You've got a job to do".

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