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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Festive Greetings from Glamoursmith

Avoiding eye contact

Do you remember the days when ads didn't remind us about the delights of public transport?

Festive Wishes from Hammersmith

I'd love to think that this ad must have been written purely for Hammersmith as it has more than its fair share of weirdo's but I'm sure I'll be proved wrong.

Apart from drinking WKD (blue drinks are wrong, as are drinks that sound like a teenager's text message), they have a point though. Once you inadvertantly gain someone's eye contact on the Tube, I find it really hard to completely stop looking at them if you haven't got something to read. After you've done the quick look down to apologise for invading their eye space, one of the two of you will inevitably be drawn back to make sure they are still not looking at you. Then, the whole thing starts again until one you pretends to sleep, takes an unhealthy interest in the ads opposite or leaves.

I suppose an alternative is for the London Underground to sponsor staring competitions where you could be given an incentive for staring out the person opposite you. I'm not sure if World Records for staring at people without a break exist, but little kids or babies with no sense of Tube etiquette would win hands down if they did.

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