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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great Tube Fine Dodging Excuse

Rocker Dave Red Faced on TubeTory Leader Escapes Fine on the Tube

Has David Cameron read some of the tips for dodging fares on the Tube? Or is "I don't routinely break the law. I can assure you I did buy one," a good enough excuse for not having in valid ticket? Apparently so, as the London evening papers and the Mirror took great joy in reporting that Cameron managed to talk his way out of getting a fine for not having a ticket on the Tube.

Cameron was on the way to a Morrisey concert and by the time he reached Wembley he had somehow lost his ticket. The LU employee he approached gave him a telling off saying "Surely in your line of work you would have the money to buy a second ticket?" I would have been tempted to say "Surely in your line of work you have the money to pay a twenty quid fine".

But Cameron, the wag, replied: "Yes, I can, but there's not much job security in my line of work." Which says a lot for his position. Cameron's spokesman said "He wasn't trying to dodge his fare, which is why he wasn't fined."

Well lucky old David, as Cherie Blair wasn't so fortunate back in 2000 when she was fined £10 after being caught without a ticket at Luton station. So just remember if you are even caught in a similar situation as long as you are not trying to dodge your fare, you won't be fined.

Has this happened to you? Have you, or someone you know or passed by, been let off paying a fine by saying you've lost your ticket? Or is it really only a gambit that can be used by the leader of the Opposition?

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